Cell/smart phones

I make no bones about being an android guy. However in the past year or so I have contained myself to only a few comments here and there on how bad iPhones suck. Now #5 is out and the technology they are trying to impress the sheep with I’ve had on android for years. And yet the sheep bleat how great it is. 

So now I ask myself why. Why do people who try at every step to be an individual buy this thing that allows only the minimum amount of customization. Are people still convinced from their 1984 (double entendre) commerical introducing the Macintosh that everything else is conformity?

Here’s my theory. People like technology but only as long as they understand it. This android phone will make me feel stupid so I’ll get the iPhone

I’m on the Google train and we’re not waiting around for you. You enjoy taking panoramic pics while I’m paying for my dinner with my phone via Google Wallet. 


No title

So while sitting in church about a month ago I had so many thoughts and one of them was, why don’t I share these somewhere. So this is totally dedicated to sharing my broken thoughts. Most are mine and I’ll let you know whose I stole. Most of it will probably be stupid shit. I’m not gonna lie. You’re more than welcome to post your thoughts. I’m starting to bore myself…..